Legacy Projects

The Hypercard Project
Meowx started life in the early 90s creating Hypercard games on a Macintosh SE. Seven different games were completed, most of which involved some iteration of trial and error “select the correct choice” random chance nonsense.
Unfortunately, all of these games predate the hosting of files on meowx.com. Hopefully one day they’ll be found archived away on some old hard drive or Zip disk, but for now they remain lost to time.

The Quantumire Trilogy
The Quantumire Trilogy
The Quantumire Trilogy was a series of Macintosh sci-fi space combat games that used the Escape Velocity engine. Originally released individually as a series of plugins, they were later consolidated into a single package that was released online and via MacAddict CD-ROM.
An expansion pack, Quantumire: Return, featured a branching storyline that broke player save files because it was never properly tested.
 Download the Quantumire EV Plugin Archive

Alexienth was a Macintosh first-person shooter created using the Marathon Inifinity engine. Its story focused on uncovering what happened to the FSS Alexienth, a ship that went missing near a black hole that nearly destroyed the Earth.
About halfway through development, the project was ported to the Aleph One engine which allowed for new, completely revamped HD graphics. The updated version was never completed, but a playable demo of the original version featuring a variety of levels, weapons, and enemy types was released.
 Download the Alexienth Marathon Patcher

Escape Velocity: MAGMA
The MAGMA series was a pair of addons that overhauled the audio and graphics of the hit Ambrosia Software games Escape Velocity and Escape Velocity: Override. Their completely re-modeled ships, weapons, and planets gave the games a more realistic (and admittedly poorly lit) feel and made them some of the most popular plugins ever released for EV and EVO.
 Download the MAGMA EV/O Plugin Archive

Quantumire SE
Quantumire SE
Quantumire SE was a complete update and remake of 1998’s The Quantumire Trilogy. It utilized the newer Escape Velocity Override engine, featured modernized graphics, and was going to feature an overhauled campaign with additional mission content.
Unfortunately, the release of 2002’s Escape Velocity Nova meant that the project would have to go through another total engine overhaul to stay modern, so the campaign content was never finished. A “Lite” version of the game without the story missions was released for the Override engine in 2001.
 Download Quantumire SE Lite

Eve of Ages
Quantumire: Eve of Ages
Quantumire: Eve of Ages was an episodic comic planned to be released online. It explored the origin of the Tarkyl, an alien race whose past seemed to be inexplicably linked to humanity’s. Many of the comic’s plot elements lent themselves well to video game mechanics, and eventually the comic was scrapped with that in mind.

PSMB was a machinima video project created around the World of Warcraft paladin tank player community. Videos initially followed the progression of the guild Direct Defiance, but later branched out to also include a wide variety of different formats, including comedy shorts, technical guides, playstyle showcases, and theatrical lore videos presenting the mythology of the game world.

The Scions of Mal’Ganis
The Scions of Mal’Ganis was an animated short that continued the story hinted at in the final PSMB videos. It was modeled and animated using Hash’s Animation:Master software. This unique software package unfortunately presented a lot of technical issues not found in more conventional 3D software, and the project was eventually put on hold.